Effective and objective professional evaluation service becomes a driving force for the sustainable development of education

As Taiwan continues promoting educational reform to ensure the quality of education, the importance of educational evaluation becomes increasingly significant.

In 2004, the Taiwan Assessment and Evaluation Association (TWAEA) was entrusted by Ministry of Education to implement, the largest "University Institutional Evaluation Program" and a total of 364 committee members were mobilized to complete the institutional evaluation of 76 universities.

It set a representative milestone for the development of a quality assurance system in Taiwan's higher education.

Based on the good implementation experience since the year 2005, TWAEA has successively been entrusted by the Ministry of Education to conduct institutional and program evaluations of universities of science and technology, institutes of science and technology, and junior colleges to safeguard the development of Taiwan's vocational and technical higher education.

These efforts are aimed at urging schools to pay attention to the changes in the educational landscape, population and society, and industries' demand for talents and actively adapt to changes to improve their overall competitive advantage.

In 2010, TWAEA was recognized by the Ministry of Education as a domestic professional evaluation agency and the "Accreditation of Degree-granting Programs" was organized to help major vocational programs and universities to establish quality improvement measures and reinforce their advantages and features through comprehensive accreditation measures and consultation services.

In response to the Ministry of Education's suspension of mandatory program-level evaluation in 2017, which then allowed schools to either commission professional evaluation agencies or conduct their own evaluations to help themselves develop their own unique characteristics, TWAEA organized the "Quality Assurance Service Program for Teaching at Vocational Programs and Universities" to help schools incorporate with quality assurance and continuous improvement philosophies in their organizational culture and further develop their own characteristics and improve operating performance.

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