Create professionalism and value for the evaluation based on fair, objective and rigorous perspectives and attitudes

Since its establishment, TWAEA has actively helped the government to carry out many evaluation, visits and performance appraisal programs.

TWAEA fully understands the content and issues of evaluations and has rich experience with various types of evaluation services.

Teams within the organization can coordinate efforts and support and immediately provide comprehensive and diverse services and management measures through the organization's rich database of experts and scholars. With respect to human resources, equipment and quality of project implementation, TWAEA integrates resources into project planning to meet the expected goals and achieve synergy.

In addition to the fields of school education, tourism and hotels, and nursing institutions, TWAEA was also commissioned to organize the projects and initiatives such as "Second phase of reshaping the vocational education - Administrative operations for projects reshaping vocational education," "Promoting the evaluation of Olympic and Asian Games sports groups," "Construction, review and performance appraisal of technology projects of the Ministry of Education" and "Document review of grants and subsidies for the overall development of private vocational institutes" and TWAEA coordinates well with government agencies and demonstrates performance which is well received and recognized.



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