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In recent years, big data has attracted attention from various industries and technology fields.

Facing the challenges of international competition, ageing society and globalization, the higher education in Taiwan is inspired to use big data or empirical information to conduct professional management of school affairs and this also driven the trend of institutional research.

TWAEA has accumulated years of business relationships and experience and has a good understanding of the sources and meanings of available public information.

In 2016, TWAEA launched the "Taiwan's School Management and Information Integration Pilot Project" (in 2019, renamed as the "Taiwan Institutional Research Cooperation" or TIRC) to effectively collect public information from government ministries and agencies through the existing channels to conduct data warehousing and analysis.

Essential data analysis with both breadth and depth are then provided to help institutions understand the meanings of data in a short period of time and use their advantages to meet challenges. In order to expand the benefits of studying institutional management, TIRC developed a survey platform in 2017 and launched a series of surveys such as freshmen’s adaption to campus life, learning performance and satisfaction of Taiwanese, Thai and Japanese students and others and development of institutions’ final piece of puzzles to their study of institutional management.


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