Promotion of the continuous improvement of technical colleges& universities

The Ministry of Education aims to promote the technical colleges and universities’ sustainable improvement in operation, to enhance the education quality, to develop the institutions’ characteristics and to pursue excellence in strengthening their competitiveness. Since 2005, the implementation of Evaluation of University of Science and Technology has started, and three major fields, which are institution administration, professional college/ faculty and professional department, are covered. TWAEA has been commissioned by the Ministry of Education to carry out evaluation of University of Science and Technology since 2005. Through the establishment of an evaluation mechanism and the management of other related issues every year, the education quality of universities of science and technology is improved and the rights of students to be taught are protected. So far, TWAEA has continued to be commissioned by the Ministry of Education for technical colleges and universities to assist institutions in responding to changes in industries, so that more attentions are paid to environment changes, declination of birth rates and the needs to talents for better development and enhancement of overall competitiveness.


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